International Signatories

The American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment is focused on institutions of higher education in the United States. However, international institutions that wish to join can do so and will be acknowledged for their leadership here. International signatories are not reflected in the overall count of the total number of signatories.

  • Betsy Vogel-Boze, President
    The College of The Bahamas, Bahamas

  • Patricia Lang, President
    Confederation College, Canada

  • Laszlo Solti, President
    Szent Istvan University, Hungary

  • Edwin Ramos-Rivera, President
    Huertas Junior College, Puerto Rico

  • Patrick U. Tellei, President
    Palau Community College, Republic of Palau

See also: The Higher Education International Committee

If higher education is not relevant to solving the crisis of global warming, it is not relevant, period.
—David F. Hales, President Emeritus, College of the Atlantic
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