Sustainability Sit-Downs, Second Nature’s video series, consists of twelve interviews, featuring sustainability leaders from higher education and partners. Videos were released once a week starting January 21st and all are available on the Second Nature YouTube Channel.

Second Nature, working with topic experts, has developed a series of briefing papers focused on key issues related to higher education’s role in creating a sustainable society. These concise publications provide presidents, senior administrators, and anyone interested in campus sustainability with information, ideas, and practical steps to help them fulfill their commitment through the ACUPCC and achieve their sustainability goals.

Photos, left to right, courtesy of Pomona College, Northland College, and Eckerd College.

Featured Publication

REN21 2013 Renewables Global Status Report

This latest Renewables Global Status Report provides a comprehensive and timely overview of renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy development worldwide.

Featured ACUPCC Resource

The ACUPCC Implementation Guide

The Implementation Guide is the “handbook” of the ACUPCC, providing more detail on the specific obligations in the Commitment, explaining technical issues related to implementation, and outlining key policies.
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We are in the middle of one of those rare moments when the right thing to do is also the economically smart thing to do.
—Kathleen Schatzberg, President Emeritus, Cape Cod Community College
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