Climate Action Planning

The following resources provide support in the planning process, such as conducting greenhouse gas inventories, strategic planning, and reporting.

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Overview & Examples of Climate Action Plans
Cool Campus! How-To Guide for College and University Climate Action Planning
The Implementation Liaison Support Committee
ACUPCC Reporting System

Articles & Blog Posts

November, 2012

Mieko A. Ozeki, Sustainability Projects Coordinator, University of Vermont

October, 2012

Kate Gordon, Director of Advanced Energy & Sustainability at the Center for the Next Generation, and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress

October, 2012

Anne Bertucio, Business & Community Relations Coordinator, Focus the Nation


The greening of academe has been in process for years, as campus after campus takes on a wide range of initiatives, from alternative energy to zero waste. There are lessons here for companies. In this monthly column, Second Nature offers stories and insights from ACUPCC signatory colleges and universities around the United States. Interested in Contributing? Find out how.

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The Implementation Guide is the “handbook” of the ACUPCC, providing more detail on the specific obligations in the Commitment, explaining technical issues related to implementation, and outlining key policies.

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This publication, produced by the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), showcases the outstanding leadership and accomplishments achieved by Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) in their efforts towards campus sustainability and climate neutrality. Second Nature collaborated closely with UNCF in this publication by sharing an overview of the progress made by MSIs in the ACUPCC network.


March, 2015

Presented by: Second Nature

This interactive webinar is aimed at College and University faculty and staff working to complete and submit a Climate Action Plan as part of their institution’s reporting requirements for the ACUPCC. Brett Pasinella, Senior Manager of Innovative Services, walks attendees through common problem areas and frequently-asked questions.

December, 2014

Presented by: The American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment

Have you started your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory, but still have a few issues to troubleshoot? This interactive GHG Report Troubleshooting webinar is aimed at College and University faculty and staff working to complete and submit a GHG inventory as part of their institution’s ACUPCC reporting requirements. Brett Pasinella, ACUPCC Program Manager, walks attendees through common problem areas and frequently-asked questions.

August, 2014

Presented by: Second Nature in partnership with Ball State University and Chevrolet.

Hosted by Second Nature, this webinar features a representative from Ball State University sharing their pilot experience participating in Chevrolet’s Carbon-Reduction Initiative using a specially-developed carbon credit methodology. Representatives from Chevrolet shared insights on how this methodology can be used on other campuses, as well as resources for understanding and taking advantage of the voluntary carbon market.