For Presidents


  1. Is your institution in good standing? Check your reporting status in the ACUPCC Reporting System.
  2. Pay annual dues.
  3. Encourage your fellow presidents to join the ACUPCC network:


  1. Ready to sign? Download the commitment document and send a signed copy to the address provided on the document.
  2. See who else has signed, and contact your colleagues to learn more about their experience. Members of the Steering Committee in particular are ready to share their stories about the ACUPCC. Contact to speak to members of the support team, or if you would like an ACUPCC signatory to contact you.
  3. Visit the Resources and Reporting sections of the website to get a sense for the valuable information-sharing that the ACUPCC learning community is facilitating.

All administrators

  1. Stay connected with the ACUPCC network by signing-up for the Newsletter, following on Twitter, and joining the Facebook group.
  2. As college and university presidents and senior leaders you have tremendous opportunities to use your stature and credibility to support national policies that will move society towards sustainability and benefit your institutions and students.
    • Sign up to receive Second Nature‚Äôs policy alerts by contacting Michele Madia, Director of Sustainability Financing and Strategy at Second Nature.
    • Respond to policy alerts and otherwise contact policymakers to urge their leadership on specific issues.
    • Encourage higher education associations to which you belong to make climate change and sustainability a priority.
    • Encourage faculty and staff to becoming actively involved in the national dialogue about climate disruption and working for policy change.
We are in the middle of one of those rare moments when the right thing to do is also the economically smart thing to do.
—Kathleen Schatzberg, President Emeritus, Cape Cod Community College
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