For Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff

  1. Stay connected with the ACUPCC network by signing-up for the Newsletter, following on Twitter, and joining the Facebook group.

Faculty and staff at ACUPCC institutions

  1. Is your institution in good standing? Check your reporting status in the ACUPCC Reporting System.
  2. Support your school’s efforts to fulfill the ACUPCC - connect with student sustainability groups on campus or your school’s ACUPCC Implementation Liaison (listed on your school’s “Implementation Profile” in the Reporting System) and ask if you can help by:
    • Serving on the implementation committee
    • Raising awareness about ACUPCC-related efforts on campus
    • Incorporating climate and sustainability issues into your curriculum and job function.
  3. Let people know you are part of the network by utilizing these logos.

Faculty and staff at non-ACUPCC institutions

  1. Encourage your school’s president to join the ACUPCC network:
More than ever, universities must take leadership roles to address the grand challenges of the twenty-first century, and climate change is paramount amongst these.
—Michael M. Crow, President, Arizona State University
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