For Alumni

Alumni from ACUPCC institutions

  1. Write a letter or an email to the presidents of your alma mater thanking him or her for signing the ACUPCC and demonstrating important leadership on behalf of the institution.
  2. Is your alma mater in good standing? Check the reporting status in the ACUPCC Reporting System.
  3. Support your school’s efforts to fulfill the ACUPCC - connect with your school’s ACUPCC Implementation Liaison (listed on your school’s “Implementation Profile” in the Reporting System) and ask if you can help by:
    • Providing expertise or resources from your professional networks.
    • Making financial contributions to support sustainability initiatives.

Alumni from non-ACUPCC institutions

  1. Encourage your school’s president to join the ACUPCC network:



All alumni

  1. Stay connected with the ACUPCC network by signing-up for the Newsletter, following on Twitter, and joining the Facebook group.
  2. Alumni have opportunities to support national policies that will advance progress towards sustainability, including:
    • Joining the growing network of those people who see higher education’s important role in creating a sustainable society and are interested in working for policy change by contacting representatives on timely and important policy issues. Sign up to receive Second Nature’s policy alerts by contacting Michele Madia, Director of Sustainability Financing and Strategy at Second Nature.
    • Encouraging your college or university president to provide public leadership on climate action, including responding to Second Nature’s policy alerts and publicly addressing important national policy issues related to sustainability.
We are in the middle of one of those rare moments when the right thing to do is also the economically smart thing to do.
—Kathleen Schatzberg, President Emeritus, Cape Cod Community College
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