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We can all help support the ACUPCC and its goals in several important ways:

  • Help grow the network: Become an “ambassador” for the ACUPCC by reaching out to college and university presidents who have not yet signed and encourage them to do so. (Click on the appropriate section under the “take action” dropdown list for helpful resources and templates.)
    You can find ACUPCC Signatory logos for download in various sizes here.
  • Help ACUPCC institutions implement their climate action plans: Get involved with activities on your campus, or support your alma mater’s efforts financially. (Click on the appropriate section under the “take action” dropdown list for more information.)
  • Donate to the ACUPCC: Provide financial support for the ACUPCC network, click here to donate.
  • Make a difference on national policy: Sign up to receive Second Nature’s policy alerts by contacting Michele Madia, Director of Sustainability Financing and Strategy

Changes in national policy are important in making meaningful progress towards sustainability. The higher education community is well-positioned to elevate the national dialogue about climate action and influence important policy decisions by federal agencies, the Congress, and state and local governments.

As a network of college and university presidents, the ACUPCC does not take positions on specific public policy issues as a rule.

Instead, members of the ACUPCC network rely on Second Nature and others to identify and follow important issues and provide timely opportunities to register their individual support with policymakers on an “opt-in” basis.

The proper role of colleges and universities is to lead the way by committing to climate neutrality, developing smart and farsighted plans to execute that goal, and equipping students for leadership in the challenges and opportunities ahead.
—David W. Orr, Sears Professor, Oberlin College
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