You can support the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment:

  1. Signatory institutions pay membership dues to financially support the ACUPCC.
  2. Foundations can support the ACUPCC as Foundation Partners.
  3. Corporations can support Second Nature as Corporate Partners. The ACUPCC is a signature program of Second Nature.
  4. Organizations can endorse the ACUPCC.
  5. Individuals can support the ACUPCC by making a donation to Second Nature.


Become an ACUPCC “Ambassador” to support the goals of the initiative. Visit the Take Action pages for ideas and informative resources on how to get involved in helping ACUPCC institutions fulfill their commitments, bringing more institutions into the ACUPCC network, and supporting the policy changes needed to achieve climate neutrality.

We are in the middle of one of those rare moments when the right thing to do is also the economically smart thing to do.
—Kathleen Schatzberg, President Emeritus, Cape Cod Community College
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