Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program


The ACUPCC has partnered with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) to exponentially increase the number of large-scale energy saving projects on campuses. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the building sector will account for 73 percent of domestic electricity consumption in 2011, amounting to 40 percent of the United States’ carbon dioxide emissions — more than either the transportation or industrial sectors. Building energy use also contributes a major proportion of a campus’ carbon footprint. No attempt at carbon neutrality can succeed without addressing and maximizing the energy efficiency of campus buildings.

CCI’s EEBRP’s mission 1 is to achieve significant and measurable GHG emissions reduction in existing buildings through the widespread uptake of energy efficiency projects. To achieve this mission, CCI works with building owners around the world who are ready to implement projects. CCI’s scope of services includes contracting and procurement support for retro-commissioning, building technology replacement, and holistic retrofitting projects; project finance advisory services; and technology selection and procurement advice. In addition, as part of its global reach and mission, CCI seeks to shine a light on leading partners that have implemented energy efficiency building retrofits that achieve measurable results in reducing carbon emissions. ACUPCC signatories are able to take advantage of the benefits of CCI’s Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program (EEBRP), including pro bono energy efficiency master planning and project support and access to CCI’s established relationships with leaders in the building energy efficiency industry, including financial firms, project contractors and implementers and manufacturers of energy efficient building technologies. These benefits can lead to lower project costs, a streamlined project development process and greater GHG reductions.

More information about CCI’s EEBRP (PDF)

ACUPCC Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Best Practices Toolkit

The ACUPCC and CCI, with the assistance of many industry experts, have created a best practices toolkit as a resource for signatories interested in learning about and conducting an EPC. It provides an overview of the contracting method, highlights critical issues, provides information about financing options, contains sample documents and details industry and state resources. This toolkit is intended to support a school’s internal project team throughout the EPC process, from early stage opportunity assessment to contract negotiation, implementation, and beyond.


  1. CCI is a charitable organization funded through donations from individuals and private foundations. CCI is not a developer, technology provider, or investor and has no financial interest in any project that might be developed. All services to ACUPCC signatories are provided pro bono. CCI does not provide direct funding to projects.