Setting goals, tracking progress and reporting results are standard business practices for any organization, business or initiative — and sustainability efforts in higher education are no exception. Public reporting on progress towards sustainability is a key driver for long-term success, and regular, public reporting is a central component of the ACUPCC. Reporting helps signatories learn from one another and demonstrates to external audiences the seriousness with which signatories are implementing the Commitment.

Read Viewpoints on Sustainability: Why Public Reporting Matters for more information.

To view Public Reports, visit the ACUPCC Reporting System. Reports can be filtered by institution name, state or institution type.

Learn more about Reporting Requirements and Timelines.

We are in the middle of one of those rare moments when the right thing to do is also the economically smart thing to do.
—Kathleen Schatzberg, President Emeritus, Cape Cod Community College
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