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The ACUPCC Steering Committee is the chief governing body of the network and is responsible for its guidance, policy, and direction.

Second Nature is the supporting organization of the ACUPCC:

Presidents and their staff should contact
David Hales
Second Nature

Questions about ACUPCC reporting should be directed to
Van Du
Program Manager
Second Nature
617-722-0036 ext. 218

Brett Pasinella
Implementation Fellow
Second Nature
617-722-0036 ext. 217

Questions about joining the ACUPCC should be directed to
Axum Teferra
Membership and Engagement Fellow
Second Nature
617-722-0036 ext. 216

Questions about membership dues should be directed to
Mabel Sanchez
Business Manager
Second Nature
617-722-0036 ext. 201

Media inquiries should be directed to
Anne Waple
Director of Communications and Science
Second Nature

The ACUPCC is also supported by the following Second Nature staff members:

Gabriela Boscio
Program Associate
Second Nature, 617-722-0036

Michele Madia
Director of Sustainability Financing and Strategy
Second Nature, 617-722-0036

Esperancia Paul
Administrative Assistant
Second Nature

Prompt and decisive action to stop climate change is nothing less than the Great Work of our time.
—David W. Orr, Sears Professor, Oberlin College
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